2016 round two fixtures

Fixtures page now contains the draw for round two.  This takes place on Sunday 22 May. Hosts highlighted in green are:

  • Div1 Gala1 – Thurrock, at Cranes Farm
  • Div1 Gala2 – Braintree, at Freeport
  • Div2 Gala1 – Kingston Royals B, at Barnet
  • Div2 Gala2 – Luton, at Southbury Rd

As per rules, odd teams from gala1 are meeting even teams from gala2.  Lane allocation will be drawn from a hat on the night.

Of these galas, Barnet is the only one where I am unsure if the hosts or other visiting teams can call upon the services of a qualified referee (although Kingston DID offer to host this season, for which we are very grateful – we never turn down an offer!)

So, if you are going to Barnet, please contact Kingston promptly and let them know which officials you can supply. And if alerted in advance, I will do whatever I can to find additional officials.

I draw everyone’s attention to point 12.2 of the rules:

  • Each Club shall supply a qualified judge and its own lane timekeeper. (Due to the difficulty in obtaining judges qualified to a County level, ‘qualified’ is defined here, as a minimum, to be someone with a considerable experience of swimming competitions.) Any Club failing to supply these officials at its designated gala shall pay the league a fine of £30 for each official not reporting to the Gala referee.

There was an instance in round 1 where a club turned up with only 1 official. All visiting clubs must supply two, even if they are only qualified to time keep.  Once this has been verified, that club will be fined.  Failure to pay a fine will result in exclusion from next year’s league.

I know what its like to be a small club with no officials, I’ve been in that position once. As long as we are alerted in advance we try to find someone to represent you. We like to include small clubs in junior competitions where we can; but in this instance there was no effort made to alert us.


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