Teamsheets – a request

You might be surprised but at least half of all coaches submitted a round 1 teamsheet on the night that was entirely filled out by hand. Most are clear to read and this fulfils the requirement of the rules (but I’m going to change them!)

Can I please ask that coaches use the provided Excel spreadsheet and complete it using a computer so that what you hand in on the night is typed (bar any last minute changes you scribble on it).  Next year, I will be making it a requirement that the coach send over the electronic copy (the spreadsheet, not a scanned JPEG) if asked to do so in retrospect by myself.

The reason for this: should we have any disputes, I need to be able to pull all the names from your teamsheet and compare them to your submitted ASA lists.  I need live text to be able to do this.

You might also be surprised that more than half of the ASA lists that were sent to me were scanned JPEG or hand-written so that I cannot pull the live text.

When you have so many hundreds of swimmers to verify, you simply cannot do it without access to live text and comparison tools. So, for this season, please be aware that  I am not able to routinely check that all swims were bona fide, in the short space I have to get the incoming results collated, published and the next round announced in anything like a reasonable time for the hosts to prepare.  I suspect that this has always been the case in the past and the Organiser only dealt with specific complaints if they were raised by someone. But how can another team’s coach know if all your swimmers are correct? I do not and will not publish your teamsheets for other coaches to see.  Mistakes, however genuine can alter the draw position for the next round, but by the time this is discovered could be too late.

In future, I will provide an Excel template also for your ASA lists, which must be returned as Excel so I can pull the list of names as live text. It is then a matter of minutes to verify the names with the ASA.

While we rely on honesty in all amateur events (and there’s every evidence that clubs are extremely honest), particularly at the top of Div1 its going to be a very closely fought competition this year, and next year I can only see it getting even tighter. All participants need to have faith in the system. Currently I have an audit trail, but its very hard to follow.

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