The National Junior Swimming League (m11) is one of 11 Leagues that are affiliated to the Arena Junior Inter-League (the Inter-League is directly affiliated to Swim England). Within these Leagues over 200 swimming teams throughout England and a team from Wales take part in the Junior League! This is the premier junior swimming league in the United Kingdom.

The Leagues are:

Southern Area

  • Derby & Notts JSL
  • Eastern JSL
  • M11 JSL
  • Milton Keynes JSL
  • Nuneaton & District JSL
  • Southern JSL

Northern Area

  • White Rose JSL
  • Lincolnshire JSL
  • Liverpool JSL
  • North West Micro JSL
  • Northumberland & Durham JSL

The aim of the Inter-league is to promote inter-club competitions for junior swimmers (9 – 12yrs), to encourage their progression in swimming and participation in sport.