Results for 2016 round 1

First of all a big thanks to all our hosts in round 1, you did a great job and things went relatively smoothly at all galas, even though I know it can be a lot of work (especially if you are a ref or chief timekeeper!)

You can now see the Results menu shows the current state of the points table after round one, and the positional results of each gala and hence points allocated. The menu also contains the results spreadsheets for each gala.

Apologies for slight delay in getting these results out. There were one or two glitches/adjustments that I needed to make as follows:

  1. The results spreadsheet is only set up for 8 team galas, so it needed to be fixed for Div2. I believe Gala2 at Basildon was correctly adjusted on the night, so points should be what was announced that evening.  Gala1 was not adjusted until later, so points relative to the division would be lower than announced on the night as they should have been points out of 5 (teams swimming) and then also later adjusted to a 6 team average, according to the rules (multiplied by 7/6).  For round two, I will fix the spreadsheet, so please download it again.
  2. Div1 Gala1.  Thurrock realised after the event that they had swum an over-age swimmer in the 9 year girls (she is 10 before round 3 date). Thurrock volunteered this information and we concluded that the swimmer be DQd for those events. This reduced Thurrock’s overall points significantly and boosted other teams points some, but not enough to change any of the overall placings.
  3. Div1 Gala1. A complaint was upheld concerning event 33.  Braintree 9 year girl was DQd for a false start, but this was actually caused by a distraction from a member of the crowd calling out. She was been re-instated but as she DNS the best we could do was give her 1 point for 8th place.

Please note that for Div1 the 8 team spreadsheet had no easy way to enter whether a swimmer was DQd or DNS without affecting the calculations.  So in the spreadsheet you will just see no time, and as a coach you know from you teamsheet if you DNS an event. Otherwise assume I hold a DQ slip.  I hope to get a chance to enter either DQ or DNS and re-post these spreadsheets.

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