2016 round two results

Round 2 is over and seems to have gone without any significant hitches on the day.  Many thanks to our host clubs and in particular to referee Richard McGonagal, who despite not having a club in our league stepped in to assist Kingston at their gala. I’m pleased to say that clubs who were warned about not supplying officials in round 1 came good in round 2, which made things much easier. Please always contact your hosts early and supply two assistants even if these can only be qualified to timekeeper level.

A query was raised about event 49 the canon relay: rules state that this must be swum in ascending age order. However, there is no rule that girls or boys must swim first. Each club may decide this for themselves. Although they are now available online, the host club should bring a copy of the rules to the meet. Referees at Southbury were mistaken in this interpretation during round 2, so please be aware for the finals.

Here are the results of second round, the league placings after round two and the galas and venues for the final round on 26th June.  Please note the final round is seeded and the lanes are pre-allocated.  Make sure the referees at the 3rd round galas know this.

Please note:

division 1 points from round 1 were adjusted after Thurrock discovered that they had accidentally swam an over-aged swimmer in the girls 10 years medley relay and breaststroke. I inadvertently DQd some other races and these have been re-instated. Fortunately it did not affect the league points and draw.

division 2 points from round 1 were adjusted after Hackney discovered that they accidentally swam an over-aged swimmer in some of the 10 year old races. This has resulted in Dunmow placing above them, however this was discovered too late to change the round 2 fixtures, but is reflected in the spearheading of round 3.

I will email a list of hosting duties.  I will send the hosting pack of programmes, recorders sheets, etc about 3 weeks before the gala.  I will also ensure that the trophies, and where applicable medals get to the gala. I will let you know the arrangements.

Good luck in the finals!

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