Warning: parking at Braintree

It has been brought to my attention by some very unfortunately people who attended Freeport Braintree for the round one meet, that I need to warn anybody using the car park there is a 6 hour parking restriction. This normally wouldn’t affect attendees of the Junior League, which is only 2-3h long, but should you choose to stay on and go shopping, or for a meal, please be aware that you must pay for parking if you will be more than 6h in the car park.  Payment needs to be made online or by SMS txt message, once you have registered your vehicle at myringgo.com. I’m told the fine for non-payment is £60. You may be able to appeal if you can prove you have been shopping by presenting a receipt; but this is not guaranteed.  I would not like anyone else to fall victim to this and particularly wish to warn clubs from outside Essex who may be unfamiliar with this venue.

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