2018 round 3 lane order

So, we’ve now had chance to verify 3 of the 4 galas from round two.  Div 1 is fully verified.  A typo was found in the results file from the Hillingdon gala which had robbed Camden of a win. This made a considerable difference as it had been so close between Camden and CoCSC so the League points were altered by these two clubs switching places.  Fortunately it makes no difference to which teams are in the final, as previously announced or my choice of hosts.

However the seeding for the lane draw round 3 at Basildon pool has changed considerably (see new fixtures page).

It also gives Camden a real fighting chance of overhauling Basildon to win the League. And there is still the chance that Thurrock or Chelmsford could win and that a strong showing from Barnet could affect these other teams.

There really is everything to fight for.  And the medals are extremly nice!

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