2018 round 1 results

With much thanks to all the volunteers and officials involved… round 1 passed off extremely well.  Our swimmers all did us proud!

You will now find the results in our web pages. This year Div1 is going to be extremely close. Therefore it is right and proper that I work through all the paper work when it arrives in the post and there may be some adjustments to the gala points.

However I am confident that the overall positions and the league points will not alter.  Therefore I have published the draw for round two.  This is important, because it is only fair to give host clubs as much notice as we can.

One comment:
Not every club used my 2018 template for their team sheet.  Please, please do this for me in future.  It shows at a glance whether you are declaring any over-age swimmers and this, combined with my “checksum” column in the new 2018 results input spreadsheet helps eliminate any glaring errors and gives us a much better chance of getting the early results correct.

All the templates can be found on our “resources for host clubs” page. All the rules, all our policy documents… are all online.  Thank you.


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