Round 3 fixtures

As stated, I’ve now amended the round 2 gala points from gala two events 3 & 4, but this did not affect the placings or league points resulting from that gala, so Harlow just stays ahead of Camden on league points. Thus the lane draw for the final round is not affected. I’ve also fixed the contradiction so its clear the start times of each gala, and just be clear, the round 1 amendment of Thurrock results was a 10 year old swimmer, not 9 (seems I never do anything once when I can do it twice!)

Hosts for your final galas:
Basildon Phoenix
Enfield Swim Squad

@Dunmow and Harlow: you will be meeting up with Braintree on 4th June for the Essex League. Please ensure you collect the trophies and medals from Henry for the JSL and bring them along to your round 3 meets.  Braintree will take the trophies to Southbury and Henry will take them to Freeport.

Please do not forget to return the CTK and DQ slips to me. So far, only had those from one of the round 2 galas.

This is going to be an extremely close and exciting final. Any one of 5 clubs could take 3rd place. Obviously I’d love to watch my club compete… but chances are I will need to help Henry with Halsted.

Good luck everyone!

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