Bit of a moan

Well, its a mix of positives and negatives really…

Host clubs have been fantastic; but we’ve had a few difficulties to handle, most often caused by the pool operators, and while we ARE taking steps, a bit more help from visiting clubs and parents will be useful:

Southbury Rd, Enfield was apparently dangerously over-crowded in the foyer and changing rooms. We are seeing this at all pools lately with operators not clearing out the public until the actual time of our warm up and we ARE going to do something about that; BUT if visiting clubs could please be reasonable about the time of arrival, particularly if you arrive very early by coach, there simply isn’t enough space in the foyers at Enfield and Braintree for 8 teams to hang about. Please try and stay out of the building until 20 minutes before warm up.

please do not abuse your hosts. You are not allowed into the changing area. If your 9 year old cannot get changed alone then honestly s/he is not yet ready to compete.

Team sheets:
this is really a mixed bag.  At Hillingdon, the gala I attended, I was very please to see that every club heeded my request and is using the team sheet template so we can see quickly if there are any over-age swimmers.

However, for round 2 the number of electronic teamsheets I have received, even now, I can count on one hand.  Just to let you know, I DO appreciate that your team changes even on the day, but there IS a reason for me asking for the electronic team sheet even if I only get it after the gala.  You see there is a line of code in Excel that allows me to specify one set of cells and compare it to another set, and in this way it’s quick to check whether all swimmers in the team sheet are in the eligible swimmers file you submitted at the start. I can only do this if I have electronic files.

I haven’t had all the paper work in yet, but I’ve heard that at least one club did not submit a paper team sheet on the day. Please note that rule 8.10 gives me the discretion to remove all of your points for that gala!

As far as I can tell, every club is behaving with impeccable honesty about declaring over age swimmers and only using eligible swimmers so I’m not going to act like some “jobsworth” over this, but I’m trying to introduce methods that prevent mistakes going un-noticed because a few points here or there do make a difference. With 26 clubs x all your swimmers, this is not something I can check by eye.

Let’s finish on a positive:
the level of  competition and the behaviour of all coaches, swimmers and volunteers has been outstanding. It particularly contributes to my own enjoyment of the league and gives me great pride in how you are helping to grow our reputation in the South East.

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2018 round three draw

Although the final gala points for round 2 are still provisional, we know enough to determine the draw for round three.  You will find this under our “fixtures” page.

Your hosts shall be

Basildon Phoenix – at BSV
Braintree & Bocking – at Freeport Braintree
Greenwich Royals – at Southbury Rd
Haringey Aquatic – at Barnet Copthall

Round 3 is a seeded gala based on your position in the league table, so the fixtures also show your lane draw.



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2018 round two results

A huge thank you to all our hosts for round 2.  Provisional results are now in. Wow it was close, with some teams finishing narrowly up on where they did in round one, changing the dynamic of the table and meaning it’s all to play for in the final round. League points are doubled for round 3, so whoever wins that gala has a chance of topping their division and that could be any one of 3 or 4 teams.

So I will be checking the paperwork very carefully when it actually comes in. An adjustment of just a few gala points could change the seeding and the dynamics; but from what I can tell it won’t change the League points for round 2, so I feel I know enough to determine the teams in each gala and inform the hosts of their duties.

In case you were affected, I’d just like to thank our hosts again for some of the issues they had to cope with at certain pools, where the equipment (or lack of it), condition, and behaviour of the pool operators fell below the standard we would expect. We are already taking steps to follow this up with Fusion Leisure.

Wherever possible the League will do what we can to ensure that an experienced referee is present at each gala and if possible a representative from the home club to help with preparation.

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2018 verified round 1 results

I have now received and checked all the Chief Time Keeper slips, DQ reports and team sheets for round one.

There was a very minor adjustment to gala points in Div1 which did not affect finish order or league points.  No change to Div2.

Uploaded files on the website now give FINA DQ numbers and explanations.


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2018 round two draw

I have sent out today the draw for round two.  This can also be seen on the Fixtures page of our website. The date is Sunday 20th May.

Your hosts for round two are:

Enfield – at Southbury Rd
Hillingdon – at Hillingdon Sports Complex
NUEL (with Halstead) – at Freeport Braintree*
Barking & Dagenham – at Basildon Sporting Village

Owing to London Regionals, it will be more difficult to find extra officials for round two. So please do you best to support your hosts when asked with any extras that you have.

*Please note: the newly published start times for each gala.  In particular start times at Braintree have been pulled forward from what was first published.  Hillingdon is also an early 1pm start.

Thank you

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2018 round 1 results

With much thanks to all the volunteers and officials involved… round 1 passed off extremely well.  Our swimmers all did us proud!

You will now find the results in our web pages. This year Div1 is going to be extremely close. Therefore it is right and proper that I work through all the paper work when it arrives in the post and there may be some adjustments to the gala points.

However I am confident that the overall positions and the league points will not alter.  Therefore I have published the draw for round two.  This is important, because it is only fair to give host clubs as much notice as we can.

One comment:
Not every club used my 2018 template for their team sheet.  Please, please do this for me in future.  It shows at a glance whether you are declaring any over-age swimmers and this, combined with my “checksum” column in the new 2018 results input spreadsheet helps eliminate any glaring errors and gives us a much better chance of getting the early results correct.

All the templates can be found on our “resources for host clubs” page. All the rules, all our policy documents… are all online.  Thank you.


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2018 round 1 update

Finally we are ready to kick off this year’s competition!  The first gala is Sunday 22 April. Your Club contact has just been emailed the draw and contacts sheet.

But, there has been one change of venue – for Div 1 Gala 1.  Southend pool has maintence work and has cancelled on us.  We have moved this gala to Southbury Road Leisure Centre, Enfield. Check the fixtures page.

Warm-up is at 15.00 if you are at Barnet.  All other pools it’s at 16.30.

Host clubs remain as announced. Host packs have been sent out.  These include our Child Protection and Photography policy which must be prominently displayed by your nominated promoter.

Can all clubs who have not yet sent me their DBS list and hosts who have not yet named their promoter do so before the first event.

Team Managers – you shall submit your actual team sheet to me the day before the gala and bring a printed copy to the event – using the Excel template provided.

We wish you a very lively competition!

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