No diving in shallow end

Swim England has issued a new safety edict with regard to diving during competition

Shallow diving is now no longer permitted in depths of less than 1.35m – which basically covers the shallow end of most 25m pools. It is neither permitted from the side nor from blocks.  Diving at the deep end requires a minimum depth of 1.5m.

Therefore M11 League requires that all relay takeovers at the shallow end and all 25m events (if they are started at the shallow end – you may choose to move the timekeepers) shall start “in the water”

DQ guidance for coaches and officials:
The starting position in the water is with one hand in contact with the starting platform or wall. That hand must not lose contact until the in-coming swimmer has touched. It is not sufficient for the swimmers feet to remain in contact with the wall.

Swim England Guidance on Water Depths

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