2020 Covid-19 statement

We hope that you are all keeping well in these difficult times and have plans for getting your club through the isolation period.

Plans for the Junior Inter-League and the M11 League are obviously up in the air right now.  The M11 League has taken SEER advice and cancelled our April and May dates. For now, we are retaining the June date and we have a reserve date of 26 July booked with another possible option of a date in September.

However the likelihood is that if we are able to go ahead at all, we will be reduced to a single round competition. Once I have any confirmation of a certain date then I will inform everyone a month in advance.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their eligible swimmers list. I do realise that some clubs may not even be able to pay their coaches right now and that we cannot expect normal service from you at this time. You will have an opportunity to re-submit your eligible swimmers 1 month before the event and if the date is not 21 June, add more 9 year olds. Inevitably there will be some clubs who won’t be able to take part so this may affect the draw.

All previous statements about the draws and the hosts are to be ignored, these will change.

There is a ZOOM meeting planned by the Junior Inter-League committee for 2 April. We hope to learn more about what other Leagues are planning and what might be the impact for the Area and Grand finals.

Best Regards


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