2019 round two results

Apologies for the slightly late results for Round 2. These can now be seen on our Results pages.

Firstly, massive thanks to our hosts for ensuring all went well under difficult circumstances. Due to the Bank Holiday 2 clubs were unable to attend and there was a shortage of officials and many new helpers hosting for the first time. I’m afraid this meant I had to adjust 3 out of 4 sets of results when I received them. It became apparent that I need to write better instructions for use of the spreadsheet.

The missing clubs meant Div1 gala had to be adjusted for 7 teams, conversely Div2 gala no longer needed to be adjusted. I’m greatful to those coaches who entered under/over age swimmers and forefeited points, just to put a good show on the road. But it also meant I had some checking to do. I believe it is all correct now.

Referees: if no time is recorded, and RD is required. The spreadsheet works out placings and points on time and some operators didn’t enter times even though a placing was clear. Editing the placing column is risky: sometimes it works, but it can also mess up points allocation.

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