2018 round two results

A huge thank you to all our hosts for round 2.  Provisional results are now in. Wow it was close, with some teams finishing narrowly up on where they did in round one, changing the dynamic of the table and meaning it’s all to play for in the final round. League points are doubled for round 3, so whoever wins that gala has a chance of topping their division and that could be any one of 3 or 4 teams.

So I will be checking the paperwork very carefully when it actually comes in. An adjustment of just a few gala points could change the seeding and the dynamics; but from what I can tell it won’t change the League points for round 2, so I feel I know enough to determine the teams in each gala and inform the hosts of their duties.

In case you were affected, I’d just like to thank our hosts again for some of the issues they had to cope with at certain pools, where the equipment (or lack of it), condition, and behaviour of the pool operators fell below the standard we would expect. We are already taking steps to follow this up with Fusion Leisure.

Wherever possible the League will do what we can to ensure that an experienced referee is present at each gala and if possible a representative from the home club to help with preparation.

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