Reminder – change at National level

Just a gentle reminder.  You have just a few days left to return to me any comment you wish to make about the proposed changes at National level and what we should do if these are forced upon us. I must respond before the end of July.  The gist of it is:

a) should we continue to have 9 year old events or change to 10-13 years
b) should we have 50m individual 9 year old events and do away with 25m
c) should the age-at date be changed
d) should the programme introduce IM

I’ve already had quite a varied response. Some clubs are happy to drop the 9 year events, some wish to keep them at 25m and some to go with 50m.  Its likely that our preference, if 9 year events are retained, will be to keep 25m at least for Div2.  Undoubtedly a lot of clubs struggle to get a 9 year old team out, although any club capable of winning Div1 will surely be able to do so.

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