2017 Round 3 complete

Many thanks to all the clubs, swimmers, officials and volunteers who took part in the final round of the JSL this Sunday.  We are particularly greatful to Kay McGuire and Sandra Spooner, who stepped in at short notice to help referee for us, even though they are not usually part of our league, and to Rochford the use of Clement Hall pool.

I must ask you to be patient for the official results, probably until the end of this week. I’ve had 3 of the 4 results files in, but there are a number of gaps in each that have no explanation.  Mostly likely its a case of the teams not putting up a swimmer in those events, but until I receive the chief time keeper slips in the post, I cannot be certain. There also seem to be some DQs attributed to the wrong lanes, but again I need to check these on the written slips.  So while there is still some doubt about the spreadsheet data I hesitate to publish the results.

Thank you


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