2017 Round 3 fixtures

Fixtures for Round 3 are now on our webpage.  Check where you will be swimming. Our hosts are:

RTW Monson
Braintree & Bocking
Enfield SS

As always, please assist your hosts as early as possible, naming your officials. We need to check each meet can be referee’d by volunteers who feel confident to do so.

As I predicted, this year there is going to be an epic battle, both at the top to see who will represent us at the Area Final, and in Relegation and Promotion zones. Remember 3 teams will be promoted.

If you are asked to “swim it for your club!” remember every point counts, and in Round 3 they count double, so there is every chance a club that is one or two league points behind can leap-frog into one of those positions, or snatch victory.

Watch your take-overs and remember: do not enter the water when it’s not your leg of the relay! If a boy jumps in during a girls’ race… its the following boys’ relay that will be DQd.

My prediction for 2018 – some big guns promoted from Div2 will make it EVEN more competitive and we may have a chance of being represented in the National Final, which would be a real tribute to everyone’s hard work and give us a reputation as a competitive League.

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