Grants for young coaches

How does it work?

The first thing to make clear is that this is for “ASA certificate in coaching swimming.” Priority will be given to Level 1, but we will also consider Level 2 for anyone under the age of 25.  It’s difficult to find coaching courses, because its not easy to get paid work as a coach, so its often a voluntary vocation, supporting your club. Perhaps due to lack of demand the ASA do not put on many courses.

We are not currently accepting “ASA certificate in teaching swimming.” That course is a very popular way of earning money working for a leisure centre, and is widely available. If we get no takers for coaching courses, we may discuss supporting teaching at the next AGM.  But the aim is to support the coaches at our member clubs.

Assuming you can find a course, applying and getting the grant is easy:

email the secretary, with the name and ASA# of the person applying, and a link to the web page of the course that is available. Once I have checked that the course is the correct type, and the young person belongs to a club in the JSL, I will ask the Treasurer to send £100 to the club.  Payment will be made via the club.

It is envisaged that a young person cannot coach swimmers unless supported and given that opportunity by the club, so applicants will already be volunteering with a club and continue to do so after qualification.  Applications will also be accepted from young people being paid for their time by their club (should the club be fortunate enough to have the funds).

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