More clubs welcome

There are currently 9 clubs in this League, which means we have 7 vacancies.

We would be delighted to invite any other clubs to join us in this competition for 9-12 year olds, which is held over 3 rounds in April, May & June

To apply please write to secretary at m11league dot org

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2024 Final results

Huge thanks for all clubs who contributed to hosting the finals this weekend: Monson, Hackney, Kingston, Halstead & Enfield.  Both galas ran smoothly.

Results were close.  I have needed to adjust the Sapphire result to reflect points for 5 teams (not 8); but this has not changed the outcome.

Congratulations to Chelsea & Westminster on winning the League.  They shall be put forward to the National Final.

Please find the overall finish positions and the results files now on our results pages

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2024 Round Three

Results are up from round two – and it was very hard fought between Kingston and Greenwich equal on points.  I shall have to carefully check the sheets when they arrive; but this will not change the draw for round three which is as follows:

Please note that the finals are seeded.  Clubs shall swim in the lanes drawn above.


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2024 Round Two

With much thanks to our hosts and support clubs, round one has been successfully completed.  I have verified the results files and posted them on the website, after adjusting the points for the different number of clubs in each gala.  Here is the draw (and the hosts) for Round Two:

Hosts, please appoint your promoter and referees asap and let me know.  A warning… this date clashes with East Region champs, so Essex referees are not available, which is why our hosts are from London Region.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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2024 round one

Good luck to all clubs competing in round one this weekend!

Please arrive in time for a 3pm warm-up

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2024 dates

As you know, it’s difficult to get pool bookings so we have done this early.  2024 dates are Sundays:

14 April
26 May
23 June

Venues are:  Romford Sapphire, and Enfield Southbury Rd

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2023 AGM 6 Dec

The AGM for the forth-coming 2024 Season will be held on:

Wed. 6th December 2023
at 20.00 hours

An agenda with the online Zoom link has been sent out to all member clubs.

If you did not receive it (or if you are a lapsed member or a club who wishes to join), please email me: secretary at

We welcome anybody to attend this meeting.  Potentially, we are down to just 9 clubs and we’d really rather not be fewer than 10.  So as far as we know, we currently have 7 vacancies on a first come first served basis.  But if any club who withdrew last year knows they wish to re-join please let me know immediately.


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2023 finals

The B final will take place at Freeport Braintree on Saturday 24th June
The A final will take place at Southbury Rd on Sunday 25th June
(Please see the lane draws, and hosts listed on our Fixtures page)

Results for round two are also now posted online

A word of note to clubs:
please be aware of the extra time it may take to travel and park at the venue.  When clubs are substantially delayed, it may not be possible for us to hold up the start.

We thank all our hosts and guest referees for the very successful work they have put in to make this League a success.  There are still several teams who could triumph.

Enjoy the finals!

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2023 Season begins

Welcome to the 2023 Season of competition

The draw for Round One has been made and can be seen on our Fixtures page.  Hosts are:

Harlow Penguins – at Sapphire Ice & Leisure, 15th April
Dunmow Atlantis – at Southbury Rd, 16th April

Clubs must email me their eligible (CAT 2 registered) swimmers by 31st March.
Clubs must also email me their teamsheets and DBS-registered coaches or managers before the gala

Entry for spectators is £4.  We aim to keep this at a fee that just covers the pool hire cost. So please do come along to support your swimmer.

Thank you

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No diving in shallow end

Swim England has issued a new safety edict with regard to diving during competition

Shallow diving is now no longer permitted in depths of less than 1.35m – which basically covers the shallow end of most 25m pools. It is neither permitted from the side nor from blocks.  Diving at the deep end requires a minimum depth of 1.5m.

Therefore M11 League requires that all relay takeovers at the shallow end and all 25m events (if they are started at the shallow end – you may choose to move the timekeepers) shall start “in the water”

DQ guidance for coaches and officials:
The starting position in the water is with one hand in contact with the starting platform or wall. That hand must not lose contact until the in-coming swimmer has touched. It is not sufficient for the swimmers feet to remain in contact with the wall.

Swim England Guidance on Water Depths

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