2019 verified results

Apologies but we had one race that needed careful checking.  All results are now verified.

We hoped you enjoyed this year’s competition and look forward to planning for 2020.

The AGM date is 13 November 2019, when plans will be confirmed

Pool dates for 2020:

19th April
17th May
21st June

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2019 Round 3 results

Firstly, many thanks to all our hosts, officials and volunteers who helped us run the league in 2019. There will be a few post-competition observations posted here and at the AGM, but generally things went very well again.

The provisional results and their files have been uploaded to our website result pages.

Congratulations to Camden Swiss Cottage for winning BOTH divisions this year! Topping every round in both Divisions, they are an unequivocably strong team and we hope to see great things from them in the Area and National finals.

Also very many thanks to all swimmers and coaches who took part, particularly with the lure of two bank holidays offering alternative temptation.

Both divisions were hotly contested right to the very end and several of the positions changed place at the final.  It was observed that with most swimmers finishing very close to each other on times, the events were short and in some cases we saw the meets concluded in record time, an indication of how close it was.

All swimmers should be very proud of their achievement.

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2019 round 3 update


Any of you who were quick to look at the fixtures… I was mistaken about the location of the Div1 final.  This is taking place at Basildon Sporting Village.  Braintree is not available on 23 June.

Thank you

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2019 round three draw

The draw for round 3 is now available on our Fixtures page

Hosts are:

Anaconda at Basildon pool
NUEL at Romford pool
Team Luton at Southbury pool
Rochford at Barnet pool

I will be contacting the hosts directly to let them know which referees are attending, and to send out host packs.

We are massively greatful to our hosts for their hard work under difficult circumstances, so please please ensure you contact them, letting them know your officials and offering help.

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2019 round two results

Apologies for the slightly late results for Round 2. These can now be seen on our Results pages.

Firstly, massive thanks to our hosts for ensuring all went well under difficult circumstances. Due to the Bank Holiday 2 clubs were unable to attend and there was a shortage of officials and many new helpers hosting for the first time. I’m afraid this meant I had to adjust 3 out of 4 sets of results when I received them. It became apparent that I need to write better instructions for use of the spreadsheet.

The missing clubs meant Div1 gala had to be adjusted for 7 teams, conversely Div2 gala no longer needed to be adjusted. I’m greatful to those coaches who entered under/over age swimmers and forefeited points, just to put a good show on the road. But it also meant I had some checking to do. I believe it is all correct now.

Referees: if no time is recorded, and RD is required. The spreadsheet works out placings and points on time and some operators didn’t enter times even though a placing was clear. Editing the placing column is risky: sometimes it works, but it can also mess up points allocation.

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2019 Round two draw

Time is catching up with us.  So although I haven’t received all the CTK slips from round 1, I believe it is more important to let clubs and hosts know the decision for round two.

Following some queries, I made an adjustment to the results from Basildon meet because it has a bearing on where Anaconda and Greenwich swim in round two and it seemed like a clear typo to me (I will verify, but I won’t change the round 2 draw). Its 2 weeks away and we need certainty.

So the draw and hosts for round two can now be seen on our Fixtures page. Our hosts are:

Camden A – at Basildon – ref: Jonathan Chan
Barnet – at home – ref: Carol O’Brien
Haringey – at Braintree – ref: Matt Hart
Enfield Squad – at home – ref: Debbie Burcombe

Host packs have been sent out.

I apologise that this meet falls on a Bank Holiday weekend and clashes with East Region. In the end there was no other booking we could get.  That is why London Region clubs have been asked to host this round BUT, given the Bank Holiday, can I please ask all other clubs to do their utmost to help provide officials.

Good luck and have a great swim!


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2019 round 1 – provisional results

Well done to everyone who helped ensure round 1 ran smoothly.

Provisional results are up on our Results page.  Already I’ve had one query. Each race will be checked when I receive the CTK slips. It wasn’t possible for me to see any obvious typos from the Excel sheets I received.

Therefore draw and hosts for round 2 to be announced when I’m sure, so please don’t delay sending over those slips because it foreshortens the notice period for the next hosts.

Thank you

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2019 round 1 draw

As mentioned, the draw for round 1 can now be found on our fixtures page.

Round One – 28 April 2019

Braintree – at home – ref. Debbie Burcombe
Basildon – at home – ref. Jane Howell
Epping – at Barnet – ref. Henry Watkinson
Dunmow – at Southbury – ref. Matt Hart

Once again it is a sign of the high regard in which the M11 League is viewed, that we are able to confirm there will be at least 1 fully qualified ref at every gala this season.

All visiting clubs are to provide two officials; and additional duties and officials provided by our hosts are described on our Resources page.  A host pack will be posted to you.

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2019 season kicks off

Welcome to the 2019 season!

All participants have paid their entry fee and confirmed their place in the competition.  The draw for round one has therefore been possible and I have published it on our fixtures page. You will all be receiving a direct email with the information and relevant files for 2019.

The next milestone: is for all clubs to submit to me their lists of eligible swimmers by 31 March.  This must be done in the Excel template provided. I need to be strict about this. No alternative file formats and definitely no scanned JPGs.  Please get your swimmers’ DoB in the order I have requested – Year/Month/Day

Also please note the rules: swimmers who are switching clubs must do so by 31 March, and must be resigned from their old club.  Swimmers cannot remain dual club – if they do so, they are only eligible to swim for their old club.

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2018 AGM minutes

Minutes for the AGM have been distributed directly to the mailing list. If you did not receive them please contact us to request them.

Brief synopsis:

competition dates for 2019
28 April
26 May
23 June

City of Cambridge has resigned, therefore Bethnal Green re-promoted to Div1
Brentwood and Harrow join us in Div2

Entry fee remains unchanged at £40. This needs to be paid by 31 Jan. as confirmation you will compete in 2019. The Treasurer will email you BACS details. As I need to order the printing for the programmes in Feb. it is essential all clubs are confirmed by this date.

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